About the Island Continent Called Pangea

Pangea is an ancient one world continent, spanning thousands of miles. It stretches from the ancient and mostly forested tribe-lands of the west, to the multifaceted plains and coastal cities of the east. In the south are the free city states and to the north a vast frozen and beautiful tundra. The land is populated by mortals, immortal and, and mythical creatures such as the Chanoth.

The Silver Forest (Home of the Silures)

The trees of the Silver Forest are tall and old. Their trunks and branches are wide and their roots deep. Beneath its green canopy are the homes of many ancient creatures, from the Sabre to the giant Behemoth. It is watered by the great river Ordovices, along the bank of which feast many wild beasts. Many of nomadic Silures tribes of the east call it their home in the spring and summer time, before they make their way north for the winter season.

“I traveled beneath the forest’s tall and towering trees. The leafy green canopy was high overhead, and the first rays of the sun had yet to filter through the thick and encroaching undergrowth of the forest. These trees, these quiet sentinels of the wood, let only a little light beneath their guard. I was always amazed at their towering presence, for it was nigh impossible to see their great heights. They made the day seem short, and night long.”


The Eilean is an island off the western coast of Pangea. It contains the training arenas for the warriors of the Silures tribes, and is surrounded by impenetrable walls of rock and dangerous squalls. Llewellyn, chief warrior and tactician of Idris’s people lives upon the island, and beneath its harsh surface are ancient caves in which are stored foods and drinks. It is a stronghold of final resort in times of danger.

“It was protected by a great barrier of rocks and cliffs, with their landing place the only safe harbor around its entire perimeter. The water within the dock was crystal clear and calm when there were no boats docking. Elsewhere it was dangerous with its cross currents and squalls. The grass upon the island was a long and luscious emerald green, often seen waving in the wind.

The wonder of the isle was in its hot springs. No matter what the season, steam rose from the surface of a small hill in the island’s east. Pools for water had been carved out of the surface, and the warm water was used for daily cleaning. The tired and weary rested there and the sick gained healing.”

The Iced City

The Iced City is built upon the frozen tundra of the north, established within mountains and between slow moving glaciers. The Silures people travel there to celebrate winter and subsist off the land in peaceful coexistence with its creatures. Within the towering mountains they keep a precise record of the history of their people, etched upon enormous pillars within the hollowed out mountains of their people.

“The Iced City, as we called it, was immense. For great furlongs it bounds both high and wide. Mountains of frozen walls and snow towering as far as the eye can perceive. Thick, slow moving glaciers inched along beneath our feet, and if one did not know at which they were looking, then the city could not be seen. For the careful observer however, minute details of Silures craftsmanship dotted the landscape.

Small circular windows were etched into the great rock palisades. At night, the light escaped from within and lit up the dark sky with a wild, man-made glow. As our people worked, ruts appeared in the smooth ice where our ice sleighs cut into the ground. They formed trails, much as flattened grass does in the forests and plains.”

The Ten Cities

There are ten cities in the great empire of the east. Kaishi is the first, where the empire began. Its streets are lined with pillars of marble; a fire from the caves of Azures set upon each one.

The second is Zhuoyue, the capital. Here to this day is the Seat of the People found.

Then there are Shangwu and Mingxing, the twin cities that boast no fewer than seven coliseums between them.

Weilai is perhaps the most feared by outsiders. Circled by walls of fire, the Magi are within, wise in counsel and strong in sorcery.

Liu is placed near the stream that becomes the great river. It is a simple city where farmers live, and it is called the bread basket of the east.

Yuan lays closest to the west, and it is here that the scouts of the Silures often visit to trade.

Saiwang is dark, and haunted with rumors of necromancy and the evil arts.

Haiyang is snug within the white cliffs upon the southern shore. Its harbor is vast, and from here great ships are built that can withstand the ocean’s waves.

Lastly there is Dongji, city of the frozen northlands, whose walls boast 18 feet of ice. Its fortress has never been conquered, and only in treaty did its founder, Mahgen, reluctantly bring it under Shâgâh’s rule.”

The World of Pangea Setting

“A great darkness covered our land… A shadow that stretched into the uttermost horizon.”