Pangea Character Idris


Idris is a young man of the Silures Demetae tribe who, by the end of the book, is a trained and skilled warrior. He strives to always honor his tribe’s traditions and has strong convictions about honor and duty. The Silures are a migratory tribal society that regards the world around them with respect. He is a natural leader, and is loved because of his selfless actions and sacrfice. His affection for those dear to him is clear, especially in the way he loves his sister, Mari. He does tend to be impulsive and overestimate himself, as is shown when he tries to take down the huge Behemoth alone.

Quote From Idris

“When I was young, perhaps three summers old,” said Idris, “I remember looking up at Noiro’s stars, as my father and mother pointed out his belt. We talked about his oath to protect his people. Even then I thought, that’s what I want to do. I want to protect people.”

Pangea Character Mari


Mari is Idris’s younger sibling. A beloved sister, she chooses the path of Keeper. As a Keeper she is interested in the history of her people, the prophecies of the future and has an unusual talent for sensing changes in the spirit realm. She is very intuitive and caring, and a natural encourager. She shares the impulsivity of her brother Idris, although her unusual abilities sometimes keep her out of further trouble. It is Mari who first perceives the darkness before it strikes.

Quote About Mari

“She was close to Kelyn, and there had been some talk about the two being betrothed after the rites of passage. She brushed a tear from her eye and tucked her hair behind her ear, but not quick enough to avoid the glance of her mother.”

Pangea Character Mae


Mae is the daughter of Shi Shar, one of the great lords from the ancient house of Li in the east. She is shrewd and doubts the kind nature of the gods. In battle she is cunning and perceptive, making her a formidable opponent. Mae is a fighter in a society that does not allow women to fight, but this does not prevent her from honing her skills with the knife. Shi Shar has raised his daughter to walk in the authority she bares as his oldest child, and to command entire armies. She hides her doubts and fear behind the honor of fulfilling her duty to the people.

Quote From Mae

“You; an immortal god amongst men, fearful of a woman’s noisome words. This day we shall take your fortress and your pride!”

Pangea Character Kelyn


Kelyn is the son of Iorwerth and the close confidant of Idris. As children they were inseparable although their lives grew more disparate when Kelyn declared his intention to pursue an alternate path. Having wandered the earth in silence for several years he becomes a more enigmatic figure. Full of wisdom and maturity, he offers Idris advice and consolation while suffering through many of the same trials of his friend.

Quote About Kelyn

“Kelyn peered briefly at the solid oak support he now held in hand, and then gripped it tightly before he began to walk purposefully away. He had nothing but the cloak upon his shoulders, the robe which he wore, and the staff that had been given him.”

The Characters from The World of Pangea

“Perhaps we have been so focused on ourselves we failed to realize this path is not meant to be walked alone.”